FAQs & Support


What is a Remedy Kit?

A Remedy Kit is a formulation of ingredients designed by Scarlett Vespa to enhance the desired affect of that which is it is designed, Ie. more 'Abundance', 'Clarity', 'Love', 'Intuition' and 'Goddess-ness!'. Each Kit has the items, a selected crystal and oracle card pulled just for the purchaser along with a QR code to the remedy ritual and instructions.

What is an ingredient?

These items are used inside the Remedy Kit, but are also of value on their own.

Where are the products created?

Products are created, designed and fused together for shipping in the Southern Highlands in Scarlett Vespa's Studio. Each product has been researched and sourced over the last year by Scarlett Vespa herself and comes from Australia, Caribbean, Asia and China.

Who are they meant to be for?

These are the perfect gift to someone you care about, a corporate gift or even yourself. Its uniqueness has identified it as an idea present.

What do I need to know about the 'choose your own word' Mrs V Candles?

Perfect to choose a word you love but please be aware:

  • You have the option to choose out of the 4 types of crystals, obsidian, clear quartz, rose quartz & citrine
  • You have the option to use only the colours offered here as supply changes, so if you see something you like, I wouldn’t wait to long to make up your mind!
  • The only font is the cursive one pictured on the candles
  • I don’t use upper cases in my words
  • If you do want your own word (keep it under 10 letters).

What age are they designed for?

The Remedy Kits or ingredients work for anyone who uses it in the way instructed by Scarlett Vespa, there is no preferred age.

Who is Mrs V?

Scarlett Vespa is also known as Mrs V and is the founder and creator of AGERICH, she also is a personal brand expert, medium and guide for those needing help in feeling more self value and confidence. More ScalettVespa.com

How long is shipping?

Within Australia it would arrive between 3 & 7 days and internationally, this is dependant on the country, please get in contact to get a shipping time estimate

How can I get support?

Here is a link to get support answered in the next 24 hours. Please fill in the form here SUPPORT TICKET